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Facebook Update


    Facebook Update   Facebook has made another update and I am sure we are all used to the frequent changes.  This one I consider a good change we just have to tweak the way we post content on our Fanpages.  Below is some feedback from Facebook regarding the decision to allow the reach [...]

What is Facebook Reach

What does Facebook Reach Mean

What is Facebook Reach Many ask particularly since network marketers are noticing that the reach of his/her post  has dropped. This has happened to those doing paid ads on Facebook and those who are not.  Facebook reach means the number of fans you have who liked your Fanpage that Facebook allows to see your comment.  It [...]

Why Setting Business Goals is Important

Why Setting Business Goals Is Important What do you want to accomplish Do you want to save for college, pay of debt, a vacation, a new car, a new home? You can have anything you want but you ,must want it bad enough to do the things that have to be done to get you [...]

How To End Shiny Object Syndrome

How To End Shiny Object Syndrome This is a serious habit to break. You will hear some people joke about it but the time lost and money spent can be huge. I know from first hand experience. You would be surprised you are not unique and there are things you can do to get on [...]

How to Handle Multiple Email Addresses


  Are you handling multiple email Addresses? This post is to teach you how to handle multiple email addresses.  Most people have more than one email address. How many depends on how many different niche websites you have ownership of, how many websites you have subscribed to, etc. According to Wiki Answers  the average person [...]

5 Free Tools to Create a Facebook Timeline Cover Picture

5 free Facebook timeline cover pictures

If you are pulling your hair out or just curious about how to create a Facebook Timeline cover that you love and will attract others here are 5 Free Tools to Create a Facebook Timeline Cover Picture. 1) Pic Scatter       This is a free service that has a Premium Upgrade.  You will be [...]

Email Management|Overcoming Email Overwhelm


          Email Management|Overcoming Email Overwhelm isn’t that easy for some. Congrats on taking the first step and welcome to Part 2 of this ecourse. Hopefully now you’ve set up your schedule for responding to your emails and are sticking to it.  You can really feel freed up when you begin to [...]

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